Nowadays, a lot of people are investing in operating and hosting an EV charging station but the question is are you marketing it well? You are investing the money in the right place and to make the most out of it, you need to start marketing on the right platform with the right positioning.

Create EV awareness on social media

Educating your audience on the benefits of EVs, and providing EV ownership tips can help get people used to seeing and hearing about the electric future in their newsfeeds from a trusted
TikTok and Instagram for example is seeing a ton of engagement on EV related content with over 1.9 billion views for videos that were shared using the #ev hashtag.

Participate in Green Events

Be sure your business is active in events that promote EV adoption and advertise where people can charge their cars. World EV day is on the global stage, and your business should be heavily involved in any events taking place in your area, as well as participating online.
Encourage employees to volunteer to participate. You can take printables to these events to widen your network.

Open Google business account

Having a google business account increases the credibility of your business and helps your target audience to reach out to you easily. Also, add your business to Google maps so both local EV drivers, and those just passing through, are aware of your convenient service offerings.

Educate people

This just does not focus on your business but in general provides awareness to people. Worldwide spread platforms like YouTube can be used to talk about EVs, their benefits, how EVs are the future and can showcase your charging station- how to charge, type of chargers,
how to use a mobile app, etc.
These are a few basic marketing tips that if you follow can make a difference in creating your brand and reach out to more people .