Our Features

Our Features

We help our clients in the EV Charging station management by providing a solution to the asset/properties/facilities’owners and a mobile apps to EV users to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles world.

Connect and monitor

Connect any OCPP- compliant EV charger.

View our dashboard

Visualize your EV charging data in the Easy ReCharge admin dashboard with unlimited profiles. 

Manage users

Group users and set permissions for residents and visitors.

Customize reports

Automatic report generation of admins and residents plus CSV data downloadable any time.

Broadcast Notification

Automatic updates: from EV charging stations to Easy ReCharge dashboard and apps.

Customer support

Get help, Constant support from our team either over Email or call. 

Constant Update

We release and improve each year to help you stay ahead of the rapidly evolving EV industry.

Trip planner

Plan your trip according to your previous data, hassle free.

Nearest Charging station on go

Find the nearest charging station from the app.

Manage your own tariff

CPOs can add and edit their tariff plans from the CMS.

Monitor Units consumption

The dashboard and graphs show total number of units  consumed.

Monitor Revenue

Dashboard shows total amount billed and paid by the users.

Manage Listings

Operators can manage Charge Points and Charge Stations from the CMS.

Markers on Map

Color of the markers on map depicts the availability of the Charge point. Green-Available; Orange- Busy; Red-Faulty; Gray- Unavailable. 


Add money in the wallet to keep the account activet.

Scan and Pay

Users can drive in to a charge in the station, Scan the QR code and make the payment through wallet.

Favorite Charge Points

Frequently used chargers can be added as Favorite in the app.


Users can filter out the chargers based on their EV car compatibility. 


Users get notifications, let it be the addition of a new charging station, discounts, coupons or application update.

User profile

Add your and your car details for better understanding of charger type.

Whitelisting users and Charge point

 Private charging for your apartment or house.