Why is EV Charging Station in demand today?

Why is EV Charging Station in demand today?

Electric vehicles are about to sweep the globe, and charging stations are about to swell across the world’s landscape. People are switching to electric vehicles not only to save money on gas, but also to lower your global carbon footprint. As the demand for EV chargers grows, so will the demand for EV charging stations. Prices will almost certainly rise as a result of the increased demand. So, for those looking to become a EV charging station owner, this may be best time to get ahead of the curve. There are numerous reasons to anticipate an increase in electric vehicle ownership. That means there are multiple explanations for prospective EV charging station owners to expect demand to rise.

Here, we discuss some of the reasons as to why investing in these stations are in demand today:

  • EV charging stations can be a good source of revenue.

Customers that drive electric vehicles are more inclined to stay at your business longer to charge, which encourages them to buy more goods or services. according to whether it is a quick, rapid, or slow charger. You may provide consumers a speedy EV charging service while also enticing them to remain a little longer and buy that item they’ve been admiring for weeks by choosing a fast-charging system with an average charge duration of, say, an hour.
Second, EV charging stations themselves may provide additional income. You could wish to sell power to EV owners in order to increase your income, depending on the business model you choose. This may be a general plan (everyone pays) or a targeted strategy (just the public pays instead of clients). Even if it is merely used to draw people through free charge to increase sales of your genuine goods and services, it will still generate additional revenue. Targeted advertising is another way for businesses with Ev chargers to make money. For example, EV owners who consent to receive emails may receive updated information about discounts and possibilities to entice them to return in the future. Additionally, external organisations can purchase advertising space from us for a price. Know more about the costs associated in setting up a charging station here.

  • It helps boosting your energy resilience

The energy resilience that having an electric fleet might provide in emergency situations is another sometimes disregarded cost-saving measure. When EVs are plugged into your charging infrastructure, they can act as a source of energy (through their battery storage) during power outages or shortages by converting and directing energy both into the car and out of it back to its source. This is possible by investing in bi-directional electric vehicle chargers, which are also known as “two-way” chargers. Contrary to popular belief, renewable energy sources are not always more unstable than fossil fuels; in some instances, they have even been demonstrated to increase system resilience. You should never count out the possibility of shortages, though EVs may, therefore, provide an important emergency energy source in times of need, saving your business thousands of euros in potential lost business that could occur due to energy failures.

  • It helps boosting customer traffic of your other business

Installing EV chargers will increase your brand’s visibility and attract new customers. This broadens a company’s potential customer base; many visitors may be locals, while others may be passers-by, but both will help to increase brand visibility through word-of-mouth. If you can get a good review, perhaps with the help of special offers for EV owners who charge at your location, you will be able to consolidate brand loyalty and encourage first-time chargers to return in the future. Whether you’re a small-town café or a national hotel chain, it’s still worthwhile to try to attract EV owners as customers.
According to research, EV owners earn more than the general population. Providing charging facilities may thus provide you with a competitive advantage in terms of reaching new audiences or expanding existing ones over time. Currently, EV owners appear to have a high level of disposable income, making them potential higher-spending customers when they visit your establishment. EVs are likely to become the norm for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background, as they become more affordable across the board, with advanced battery technology becoming more affordable and government incentives and regulations ramping up. Investing in infrastructure that can accommodate EVs, on the other hand, will likely make your company more market-resistant and appealing in the future.

  • It is an environmental-friendly investment!

Consumers today are more concerned than previous generations with the ethical reputation of the companies from which they purchase goods. In other words, most people today are concerned about social and environmental issues, and they are increasingly choosing to buy from and work with businesses that share their personal ethical values. This is especially true for millennials and those who own or plan to own an electric vehicle – typically a more environmentally conscious demographic. Know more here.

Installing EV chargers on your premises, whether you’re a supermarket offering charging facilities to your customers or a logistics company with an electric fleet and its own charging infrastructure, demonstrates your company’s commitment to going green. EV charging can be part of a larger goal of sustainability. As a result, certain businesses can obtain industry-recognized sustainability certification. Installing EV chargers for tenants, for example, may be extremely beneficial for real-estate companies seeking country or continent-specific environmental accreditation. This will not only improve your brand’s image and reputation, but will also increase customer loyalty and bring in new customers, especially as more people become EV owners. It will also aid in attracting and retaining employees who, like consumers, are concerned about environmental and social issues.


EVs are the future and it will bring a revolutionary change balancing the ecosystem and change the face of e-mobility. Electric Vehicles have vast options and open opportunities for everyone, we have mentioned a few above but to know more about it contact us to understand more and monetize it better!