Solving the range anxiety

Unleash your business potential using white label EV charging software solution

Business dashboard

API integration

Mobile application

Our service, your brand

Scale your EV business with Numocity’s white label EV charging management software to operate your EV charging stations with a mobile app for the end users (EV owners)

Our service, your brand

Proven solution with live systems in 11+ countries

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Off the shelf CMS solution to kick-start your EV charging business


Scale up your EV charging business with advance features


Flexible customizations and large scale deployments


Superior user experience

Load management system

Efficient operations

Interconnected roaming hub

Smart monetization


Public Charging

Public Charging

Charge point operators provide public roadside EV charging with interconnect for seamless user experience, while marketing tools engage EV drivers.

Destination Charging

Destination Charging

Destination charging offers clear access and billing for workplace/apartment chargers, easy access for hotel/hospital guests, and integrated billing for parking spaces.



Roaming provides access to a wider network of charging stations, enabling a seamless charging experience with real-time availability of information and payment flexibility.

Cloud based smart charging

Cloud based smart charging monitors real-time energy consumption, optimizes usage to reduce waste and save costs, prioritizes critical equipment, and allows remote monitoring and management.