3 Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station at Airbnb or Hotels

3 Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station at Airbnb or Hotels

Making your Airbnb or hotel listing competitive and profitable requires some effort such as installing EV charging stations.One outstanding way to improve your guests’ experience is to provide an extra amenity that your competitors are unlikely to provide. The additional amenity is EV charging, as implied by the title of this article. Installing EV charging at your Airbnb or hotel listing will help you attract an increasing number of electric vehicle (EV) owners. EVs have arrived and are gaining market share year after year. Adoption rates in California are currently around 10% and are expected to reach 30% by 2030. More charging stations will inevitably be required to accommodate all of these electric vehicles, and installing EV charging at Airbnb or hotels is an ideal location.

Benefits of Having an EV Charging Station in Airbnb & Hotels

  • Attraction for EV Owners

By installing an EV charging station at your listing, you can guarantee an increase in demand from EV drivers. Planning and stopping for charging can be a concern for EV drivers on long trips. Fortunately, most EVs today can charge in 30 minutes or less. However, charging to 100% overnight while sleeping is far more convenient than stopping while driving.
As a result, EV charging at Airbnb/hotels is extremely valuable to EV drivers. They can eliminate an entire charging session from their journey by charging at Airbnb or hotel. This can save a lot of time. In fact, EV drivers are very likely to be willing to pay more for the stay. As you may have noticed, hotels are quickly installing charging stations for this very same reason. Airbnbs should follow this same trend too to capitalize on the growing population of EV drivers.

  • Impress Guests with Listing’s Sustainability Features

Displaying your green/sustainable practices may entice some visitors. Shifting to more environmentally friendly products is critical for a healthy planet in a world where climate change is becoming a growing global concern. By providing EV charging, you will demonstrate to your guests that you care about the environment.
Electric vehicles emit no tailpipe emissions and have been shown to emit fewer lifecycle emissions than gasoline vehicles. It may not be noticed by all guests, but some may interpret it as a sign of good environmental stewardship.

  • Other Source To Generate Revenue

When it comes to paying for the electricity from the EV charger, you have two options: you or the guest. If you pay, you could raise your listing fees accordingly and market the EV charger as “free”. If you do not want to cover the electricity costs, you can have the guest pay directly at the charger. You’ll need a special type of EV charging app that can accept payments to accomplish this.
Once approved, guests will have access to the charger. Because all of this is connected to the internet, guests without approved access will not be able to use the charger even if they plug it into their car. Finally, after everything is set up and running, you’ll generate revenue from each charging session. Since you have control of the pricing, you can set the cost to use the charger to cover the electricity costs and small EVmatch payment process fee or you can mark it up to generate some profit. Either way, EV drivers will be pleased to be able to charge their car overnight!

As you can see, there are a few good reasons to install an EV charging station at your Airbnb listing. Whether you’re interested in attracting more guests, increasing guest satisfaction, or showing off your sustainability efforts, EV charging has a place in Airbnb listings. Just like with hotels, offering EV charging at Airbnb locations can be rewarding for both parties involved.