Electric Vehicle Charging Management – A New Business Opportunity

The predicted impact of EVs on the future is mostly due to their favourable environmental effects. EVs will aid in air purification and require less resources, which will lessen our reliance on the environment. Millions of electric vehicles, powered by rare earth metals and grid electricity, should be on our roads by the turn of the new decade (which we hope would not be part of a coal fed chain). However, EVs will provide a plethora of new business options and provide a world of opportunity for those ready to rise to the occasion.

The rise of EVs is a double-edged sword since it will put the fuel marketing industry in danger because there will be less demand for gasoline and diesel, but it will also open up opportunities for other related services and goods. Let’s have a look at some of these opportunities that the e-mobility industry will provide.

Investing in Public Charging Stations

To support the Indian electric car market, the EV charging infrastructure requires easily accessible charging stations. Due to the importance of reliability, maintenance and repair are now top priorities. Only 0.1% of the world’s one million public charging stations, according to sources, exist in India and working in the EVs sector may be a terrific business opportunity.

It is impossible to fast charge an EV battery. The current charging mechanism takes 50 minutes or more to produce a full charge, even with boosted super chargers. That is a significant amount of time that may be used for a variety of other activities. The idea for Charging stations at malls, movie halls etc. was born out of this. People may be drinking coffee, relaxing in a lounge while reading a book, enjoying a meal or snack, or in some circumstances even watching a movie. This implies that EV charging stations no longer require a specific location, such as a gas station; instead, charging stations may be put up in cafés, theatres, and even malls, where users can access the facility.

Hosting a public charging station can guarantee higher returns but can become a little complicated. This is where Numocity Technologies comes in, it is the best e-mobility software solution, it is a one-stop solution for all your public and home EV charging needs. Contact us to know more.

Battery Recycle Venture

EVs’ batteries act as their engines. Batteries are more difficult to recycle, but they release less carbon dioxide. It contains cobalt, lithium, and nickel and whose extraction presents moral and environmental questions. Recycling lithium-ion batteries is challenging and rare which makes it a good business opportunity.

Battery Swapping Business

In India, where the population is growing and transportation demands are increasing, this would be a preferable alternative since it will reduce wait times for charging, better utilise land, and enhance available runtime. Because they take less time than EV charging stations, battery swapping technologies have a bright future and present a promising economic potential. Click here to know more.

Solar Charging Technology

Electric cars powered by solar energy are quickly approaching. EVS solar charging stations. The key to significantly lowering our reliance on fossil fuels is the use of charging stations and electric car charging. Having a technology like this will encourage people to use these technologies and will guarantee high returns for the provider.

Manufacturing EV’s Equipment

Electric vehicles cannot be charged from a power outlet without an EVSE, often known as an electric vehicle charger. An opportunity exists to make electric car chargers for sale. Here, level 2 charging for electric cars is the major topic of discussion. alongside electric vehicles. A few manufacturers also provide level 2 chargers. Current EVES stats market analysis show that this industry has a lot of scope. As you can see, there are external vendors of charging technology. The rise in electric car usage creates market prospects for charger production.

Fleet Operations

Successful fleet operation firms include those that offer electric vehicles rentals, last-mile connectivity, electric two-wheelers for tourists, electric cargo delivery vehicles, etc. Electric vehicles are the greatest option for your fleets due to their low running costs, low maintenance requirements, and environmentally friendly operation.

It includes:

  • Electric bikes
  • Electric cars
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric three-wheeler vehicles


If you could start an electric vehicle rental service in tourist areas where people are more concerned about the environment, or have a busy work schedule and live in a high traffic locality like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, etc it might be a profitable venture. We can eventually anticipate more clients after the service is launched and the eco-friendly automobiles are promoted through marketing or other means.


EVs are the future and it will bring a revolutionary change balancing the ecosystem and change the face of e-mobility. Electric Vehicles have vast options and open opportunities for everyone, we have mentioned a few above but to know more about it contact us to understand more and monetize it better! 😉