Things To Remember While Charging EV on Public Charging Station

Things To Remember While Charging EV on Public Charging Station

Recent trends show that people are starting to accept electric vehicles as fuel-free alternatives. There is a significant dedication among people to decarbonization. The primary factors contributing to the growing EV market share over the past five years are that it is ecologically sound and has comparatively low operating costs. People have been inspired to choose EVs by the positive testimonies of early adopters.

Some people are still hesitant to adopt EVs, though. This is due to the dearth of readily available literature assuring consumers about the Electric Vehicle’s charging issue. After all, it is still true that filling up your traditional fossil fuel car at a gas station is much more easily available. All these problems can be solved if you have the right knowledge with you! Here is everything that you should know about EV charging in public.

Locating Charging Stations Near You

We’ve got you covered if you’re unaware of any nearby public EV charging stations! There is already an app that can help you find public EV charging stations near you.

EasyReCharge- It is the leading app for electric vehicle charging. It can help you find charging stations nearest to you and check the connection status of your electronic vehicle. Now, you are just a few clicks away from searching for a charging station, reserving it and paying through your preferred mode. ( Insert backlink of the app).

Drive-in to the Charging Station and Plug the connector to Start Charging

Monitor the Status of the Charging Remotely (App)

End charging and Plug out the connector

Pay and Receive Invoice at the end of the session

What to know before visiting a public charging station :-

  • Know Your EV and its specifications

Driving an EV or more specifically charging one is a completely new experience. Therefore, it is important to know before starting a long trip in an EV. Learn about Different types of EV chargers, Time to charge an electric car, Cost to charge an electric car, How far can an electric car go?, How long do electric car batteries last? and Types of EV charging cables and charger plugs. Knowing all this will make you aware about the EV specifications and help you understand your EV better. You can read more about it here.

  • Is the charging station compatible with your EV?

There may be times when the EV chargers are incompatible with the electric vehicle’s charging plug but with EV charging mobile apps you can filter and search for chargers/guns that are compatible for your vehicle. The charging stations continue to use a variety of charging connectors as a result, it is crucial for an EV owner to check the compatibility of your car’s charging plug with that of the EV charging station using appropriate EV charging mobile apps before going to the charging station. Read more about your EV charging software solution.

  • EV Charging Process

Let’s go over this step by step before moving on to charging etiquette. Here are the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) charging fundamentals you need to know when charging an electric vehicle in public. Locate An EV Public Charging Station, park your vehicle, turn on your charging port, connect the gun to your EV charging port and pay.

Investing in a public charging station

Digital platforms are an integral part of providing energy to electric vehicles. This is where Numocity, the best EV charging software solution steps in. They offer leading cloud-based B2B platforms that help you manage EV Chargers, Battery Swap Stations, Grid Interfaces and Battery Life. Taking Smart Charging to the next level.

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