EV Charge Point Operators and How to be a Profitable CPO in Business

Role of EV Charge Point Operators and How to be a Profitable CPO in Business

The e-mobility industry is growing rapidly, but a lot of enigmatic issues remain, including how market participants interact, roles they play, and standards they meet. On the user side, there are E-Mobility Service Providers and Charge Point Operators who provide the hardware and software required to manage the infrastructure. In general, the charging ecosystem can be separated into two segments, here we will walk you through the aspect of being a profitable charge point operator (CPO).

What is a Charge Point Operator?

The charge point operator, also known as the charging station operator, is in charge of delivering, running, and establishing the infrastructure for charging in the e-mobility sector. A CPO manages a network of charging points, which consist of hardware components and cutting edge software. They add value by managing & connecting smart charging to e-mobility service providers. In addition to that, the CPO also ensures the network runs without interruption, inspect and manage the device, establish pricing, take care of billing and reimbursement and guarantees that the network’s connection to the power grid is maintained.

How to become a charge point operator?

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to set up and run an EV charging business.

  1. Choose your business model
  2. Choose right charge management platform
  3. Choose right hardware with smart features
  4. Install and maintain charging hardware


How can a CPO optimize their business?

Excellent scalability and compatibility will be provided by a focus on operational advantage, maintaining current with the most recent protocol releases, and smart energy administration, monitoring, and analysis. Network scaling and ROI are increased by the dependable charging infrastructure management system that is simple to maintain and accessible to eMSPs. The quickest and most effective approach to reveal charging stations is through an e-roaming platform. Thankfully, one strategy does not completely rule out the prospect of gaining from the other. The CPO is still in charge of maintaining the charging stations, though. The success of one’s performance will be greatly influenced by automation, the capacity for quick, ideally remote fixes, and responsiveness.


Host your chargers with Numocity

At Numocity, we accepted the risky challenge of creating a CPO platform on our own because we had the benefit of having industry experts onboard. We ensured that the solution we designed would satisfy a wide range of needs that different clients may hunt for by understanding the complexities of the industry.

Our platform can therefore be placed either in the infrastructure of any customer or in a manner that is supported by us. Our platform has a number of essential features that contribute to simple management of charging stations. The primary characteristics include:

  • OCPI
  • OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1
  • Charge Point Management
  • remote start/stop
  • RFID based charging
  • User Management


Our Charge Point Operator Platform is completely adaptable and prepared to be created to the specifications of the client.