Auto Charge in Electric Vehicles: Revolutionizing Convenience and Efficiency

Auto charge is a technology that enables EVs to automatically initiate and manage the charging process without the need for human intervention & additional steps. It leverages communication between the EV and charging infrastructure, allowing for a streamlined and hassle-free charging experience.

How Autocharge Works Automatically?

Auto charge authenticates your electric vehicle using a unique ID and then communicates with a charger through the combined charging system (CCS) connector.

How to activate it?

Go ahead and charge your car as usual; if it qualifies for auto charging, a pop-up message will appear; click it to verify. Once your unique ID has been used for authentication, auto charge will be activated, enabling hassle-free charging going forward.


  1. Download the app and create your account. Fill in your vehicle details and set up your payment method (wallet).
  2. Go to the auto-charge menu, you will find the list of vehicles (added by the user). Now, select the vehicle to activate the auto charge.
  3. Scan QR from the CCS connector and plug in to authorize
  4. The authorization is approved. Your next charging session will start automatically when you plug in your vehicle at any EV charging station.


Benefits of auto charge:

  • It is hassle-free as it can be used without any mobile app or RFID
  • It is convenient, user-friendly, seamless charging
  • It is simple to implement, particularly for OCPP-compliant charging stations and charger management systems (CMS)
  • The user can use the technology to optimize according to their operational needs and can easily deny any duplication or error with a unique ID.



  • Both the charging management system and the charger should support OCPP 1.5 or later
  • Certain vehicles do not support auto charge



  • There is a possibility that two or more vehicles might have same identification number
  • If/when you sell your EV and do not disable auto charge in it, you might still be charged for the session done by others. We send notifications on both mobile and email, but you need to be careful with that.


Difference between auto charge & plug and charge:

While auto charge is simpler, user & operational-friendly, plug & charge is more secure as it follows ISO 15118 protocol specifications and requires the vehicle and manufacturer to support it. Plug & charge is complex, costly, and time-consuming, whereas auto charge is faster, simpler, and cost-effective for both the end user and the charge point operators.

The auto charge represents a significant advancement in electric vehicle charging, offering automated and convenient charging experiences while optimizing grid management. By streamlining the charging process, auto charge encourages EV adoption and accelerates the transition to sustainable transportation. While challenges exist, the potential benefits outweigh the limitations, making auto charge a key technology in shaping the future of electric mobility.