Guide To Use EV Charging Mobile App

Guide To Use EV Charging Mobile App

As of today, there are hundreds of EV charging free mobile apps available on the app stores with millions of downloads. Over the following few years, this number will multiply many times over. The future of automobiles belongs to electric vehicles. The world is undergoing a big green revolution and can see the rising demand in electric vehicles and EV charging mobile apps because of the financial incentives that it holds.

EV Charging mobile app is a tool that helps you find the nearest EV charging station. The app also has a timer that tells you how much time you need to charge your vehicle. The EV Charging mobile app locates the nearest EV charging station and shows you the address, type of charger, and estimated time it will take to charge your vehicle.

For EVs to achieve widespread adoption, a lot has to change. Among one of the most crucial changes is to make the charging process more seamless than it already is. For more people on the road, this will include exchanging their cars for EVs and use of mobile apps for EV battery charging and other tasks such as finding chargers for carrying out different tasks. EVs have never failed to impress us, with all the innovative thinking that’s already gone into making these vehicles work as efficiently as possible in terms of fuel consumption and range anxiety from charge point to charge point. Now these same innovative minds are turning their thoughts to a new challenge – mobile charging apps! We’re not just looking at another mobile app in pursuit of some digital-era gold rush, we’re looking at something which could render petrol stations extinct within decades in some countries: the idea that you simply plug into your electric car or van at home or public charging station and your charging journey becomes easy.


How does it work?

After downloading the app, users can register by providing information and log in. Registered users can also access the app by logging in. New users must enter their OTP or click the verification link to confirm their phone number or email address.

User location: To discover a local EV charging station, the user can either manually enter the location name(s) or provide the app access to their site.

Details about the station: App users can examine station information such as the number of charging slots that are available, user reviews, station photos, the station’s operating hours, etc.

Slot reservations: Owners of electric vehicles can search for and reserve any available charging slots on stations.

Payment options: Users have the choice of paying with cash or using other methods including credit/debit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency wallets, or other payment methods.

Notification: Users can receive push alerts about the most recent information, such as the location of the closest charging stations, confirmation of their payments, and new offers.


Features In An EV charging app?

Favorite Charge Points: Frequently used chargers can be added as Favorite in the app.

Filter: Users can filter out the chargers based on their EV car compatibility.

Scan and Pay: Users can drive in to a charge in the station, Scan the QR code and make the payment through wallet.

Trip planner: Plan your trip according to your previous data, hassle free.

User profile: Add your and your car details for better understanding of charger type.

Markers on Map: Color of the markers on map depicts the availability of the Charge point. Green-Available; Orange- Busy; Red-Faulty; Gray- Unavailable.



For today’s world which runs on a digital infrastructure, the need for mobile apps cannot be overstated. Mobile apps have significant benefits for your electric vehicle or vehicle in general such as instant notification of an available charging station nearby and real time updates. The world is moving fast and the EV ecosystem is growing.